My inner world has a way of externalising... Through my work I look for bridges to connect 'reality' with 'my reality'. Implicit shapes, vivid colours, pronounced strokes, show the limit between my sensitivity and the other's sight. There's no explanation. I seize a paintbrush and something completely unknown pours out... All of a sudden it flows and there I am, in front of my two realities. The result? The connexion between both worlds, different according to the observer's eye. Dialogue starts, mysterious characters , hidden contents, join us in a place that is uncertain but complete. That is my greatest satisfaction, the dialogue between my soul, my work, and that one who wants to gaze at it.

Adriana Adriana From an early age, I have wanted to be able to hold a paint brush firmly in my hand and make it walk. For many years, however, life, in its capricious ways, led me in different directions, so I locked up those brushes of the past in the depths of my heart....
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Paintings Paintings Paintings

"Vocation has strange, mysterious ways. Adriana has chosen to face the risks that any plastic creation involves. Her innovative vocation has gone beyond her own limits to develop different images full of colour, sensitivity and feelings. The formal academic rules are far from her real self, and we can enjoy the freedom of her creation and composition. Her artistic development through time has imposed her own contemporary views of reality." Beatriz Zucaro Loft Espacio Alfa Director

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Trayectoria Trayectoria

Adriana Vuistaz was born in Embarcación, Salta, Argentina. She has taken painting lessons and attended seminars in Master's workshops in...

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