Adriana Vuistaz
Adriana Vuistaz

From an early age, I have wanted to be able to hold a paint brush firmly in my hand and make it walk. For many years, however, life, in its capricious ways, led me in different directions, so I locked up those brushes of the past in the depths of my heart. Suddenly, one day, that lock, already rusty due to the passing of time and obscurity, quietly and stealthily opened again, and now here I am confessing that "Painting has gripped me forever."

Vivid memories of my childhood in my beloved Salta as well as nostalgia for the land where I was born inspired my first works. As time went by, I had another strange urge, a feeling stemmimg from my innermost self. And while submerged in my tireless quest, I had a stroke of luck when I met an artist, later a dear friend, Pamela Carturán. Meeting her was very important for me. It helped me grow as a painter and it was her who suggested that I should visit Helena Distefano's workshop.

While looking for new ways, I met Marco Otero. Nowadays, my inner need starts at exploring my inner world. I've set up my workshop and there is where the process of creating goes by.

Adriana Vuistaz


Figurative Period

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Current period

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